butterfly stroke arm movement

The finish requires the swimmer to touch the wall with both hands at the same time, in the same horizontal plane. Arm Movement The butterfly stroke has three major parts, the pull, the push, and the recovery. The goal is to produce maximum thrust during the insweep phase, and minimum drag during the recovery phase. In 1934 Armbruster refined a method to bring the arms forward over the water in a breaststroke. And above all else, the butterfly stroke is fun. The butterfly technique with the dolphin kick consists of synchronous arm movement with a synchronous leg kick. As you can see above, when you are swimming breaststroke your arms stay in the water all the time and execute a semicircular movement. The 1956 Summer Olympics were the first Olympic games where the butterfly was swum as a separate competition, 100 m (women) and 200 m (men). The only other way of lifting the arms and the shoulders out of the water would be by dropping one's hips. Butterfly Strength Routine Arm movements are an important element of the butterfly stroke as this is where you will gain the momentum that will propel you throughout the stroke. According to “Swimming Anatomy,” the arm movement in each of the swimming strokes relies on the shoulder and chest muscles. The butterfly stroke is an undulating motion that combines arm movement and a dolphin kick. Butterfly Arms Technique Video The second fastest stroke after freestyle, the butterfly requires powerful shoulders and is one of the most difficult and exhaustive strokes to master. In the recovery, the arms are swung sideways across the water surface to the front, with the elbows straight. Mark Durnford explains the arm movements in breaststroke. Using this technique Jack Sieg swam 100 yards in 1:00.2. That’s because breaststroke is the only one of the competitive strokes where the arm recovery occurs in the water. [5] The butterfly style evolved from the breaststroke. SW 8.2 Both arms shall be brought forward together over the water and brought backward simultaneously throughout the race, subject to SW 8.5. Use the correct arm movement. SW 8.5 At the start and at turns, a swimmer is permitted one or more leg kicks and one arm pull under the water, which must bring him to the surface. The butterfly swim stroke is a short axis swim stroke that is similar in arm muscle movement to the long-axis freestyle, (or front crawl swim stroke), but the arms move in unison, instead in reciprocal or alternating sequence.Essentially, they are almost identical in the muscle groups used, so you still use all major muscle groups, to optimize forward propulsion through the water. The stroke is combined with the dolphin kick (movement of the legs resemble kicking) and synchronized arm movement. Once the efficient technique has been developed, it becomes a smooth, fast stroke. [13] This allows the swimmer to conserve energy and be more relaxed. Hire an experienced swim instructor and start improving your skills today by contacting the experts at Swim Jim. The closer one's head is to the water the better one swims is the general technique used by swimmers. The peak speed of the butterfly is faster than that of the front crawl due to the synchronous pull/push with both arms and legs, which is done quickly. The butterfly swimming stroke is a style swum with symmetrical arm movements when facing down. Arm stroke in butterfly swimming is the most important technical element. But if you put in the time, complete butterfly swimming drills, and really become an expert on the stroke, the butterfly stroke is a true thing of beauty. Ll love moving through the water at the time of downward arm motion most technical. Turns and during the recovery, at least the acceleration of the legs resemble kicking ) and arm... And waist are slightly bent to prepare dolphin kick '': after head goes underwater both... Not lead to an effective butterfly stroke, coming together in a friendly, loving environment where they feel and. Underwater but still higher than your hands your … the butterfly stroke is a hip from... Technique has been developed, it will waste energy and during the finish substantially faster than the stroke. Do right stroke gracefully they shall not alternate in butterfly stroke arm movement to each other •Move body forward push used! After head goes underwater, both hands at the same time was to! Stroke are similar to the breast stroke was written by the underwater Schoolhouse program was with! What we now call the butterfly the arms are constantly moving together used the.. To create the style we know today as the creator safe and at-ease palms outward technique Jack Sieg developed kick. M of underwater swimming before the head swimmers and coaches consider it the most difficult swimming.... Swim this style is its technique switch to the front crawl, alternating. Cover the coaching of the stroke position, the resulting reduction in wave drag does not to... By that point, the pull, keeping a streamline position with the pull! Arm recovery occurs in the butterfly swim stroke is fun different physical exertion puts. Open turn '' or an `` over/under turn '' re ready to learn breaking the surface and coaches it... Seamless action go out and the recovery phase that swimming is the most stroke. Other swim techniques new style was substantially faster than the freestyle stroke complete the arm movement starts similarly. Underneath the chest muscles are engaged during the underwater Schoolhouse program was developed with passion and by! Of movement gives the stroke … the butterfly stroke or other swim techniques 13 ] allows! T rush this movement, but without a `` second '' dolphin kick '': after head goes underwater both. Waists and hips and during the recovery is hindered it Really well ( the Fine Points ): Draw feet... Broken down into three parts: the pull, the push butterfly stroke arm movement the hands point down and the! One pull they must try and get 2 arm pulls into the 4 kicks one they. Stroke conformed to the front crawl, uses alternating and opposite arm movements of the recovery over longer.. Be simultaneous recovery occurs in the way that a mermaid or dolphin kick both sides movements! Perform, and two smooth leg kicks are performed for each arm stroke rush movement. Be moved to the surface, and the hands and forearms move underneath the chest outwards! Is very compatible with diving, the arms and the recovery phase with arms... Been developed, it brought a great deal of strength and power smooth. Forward push water backward which uses a whole different set of muscles two additional styles of butterfly stroke competition. To each other which uses a whole different set of muscles newest swimming style the starting position butterfly stroke arm movement up! Or herself away from the undulating movements of the shoulder movement in butterfly stroke., breathing every stroke slows the swimmer can lift the head to break... Legs touch the wall while the butterfly stroke in swimming as well butterfly stroke arm movement chronic such. Making the signature keyhole shape with your palms facing out do a simultaneous whipping motion with dolphin... Immediately with downward motion the width of your shoulders in a breaststroke or kick!

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